074I’m Lucy Tyler & I’m a theatre academic & maker. Currently, I’m Lecturer in Performance Practices at the Department of Film, Theatre and Television at The University of Reading &, before that, I was a Lecturer in Playwriting & Course Leader for the MA in Creative and Critical Writing at The University of Gloucestershire.

My research explores the politics of contemporary British dramaturgies. I’m interested in how plays are developed & what ideas & processes shape their making. I explore how different companies approach the development of their new projects. I observe theatre companies in the act of making new work & talk to artists about their process. In my writing I attend to the politics of development. In spring 2017, in partnership with South Street Theatre, I received an Arts Council grant to develop and commission the work of six companies & makers & study the development of their projects. You’ll find all the information about this project on the “Development Dramaturiges Companies” page.

I also look at how theatre buildings nurture the development of commissioned & non-commissioned practitioners and companies. I often speak to different theatres about their development processes & I often write about this work. You can find all my work relating to building based play development on the “Development Dramaturgies Buildings” page.

I also write and make plays. My writing has been performed in the UK, Europe and America. My work with my theatre company, Eleven Places, includes Voices from the Forest (2015), Places I Remember (2014), Smoke Rings (2013), and The Recipe for Belonging (2013).

Sometimes I’ll say things about plays I’ve seen. You’ll find these blog-posts in the Notes on Playmaking section of this website.

Thanks for visiting my website.